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Apr 2014

CodedUI/VSTS Automation Process

It’s been a long time I was thinking, being an Automation engineer why most of the time we are only concerned about scripts and why not End to End Automation Test Management and that too if we are in the Microsoft Platform things become much easier and maintainable if we utilize the power of MTM and TFS along with Coded UI Test.

We believe implementation of successful Automation Testing needs a well-defined structured and lightweight technical process with the effective use of tools and its utilities.

The intent of this blog is an effort to build an Automation Test Solution by utilizing Microsoft Test Manager (MTM), Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Coded UI effectively so that Testers/ Stakeholder or the Business users can enjoy the flavor of Automation Testing. 

CodedUI Automation Process.jpg

1. Creating manual Test Cases in MTM – Microsoft Test Manager is a professional testing tool that gives you the ability to write, run and execute manual tests and to track the results. In addition, Microsoft Test Manager can record your actions, and take screenshots.  All the test cases needs to be designed/ stored in MTM for a user story or requirement and this will help us tracking all the test cases again a specific story too.

2. Identifying Regression Test cases for Automation – MTM Provides better Test management and traceability, in this phase and during the course of manual test designing and after doing the feasibility analysis we can mark the Automation Status of the test case as planned which we can filter and we can estimate how many test cases we have for automation and do the planning accordingly.

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