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Apr 2014

Reading JSON Request and Response in SOAPUI using Groovy Scripting

This blog talks about how to read JSON request and JSON response in API testing using Groovy in SOAP UI. Let’s take an example of the below JSON request which has 2 attributes (EmployeeID and Department) and the response of this request has 4 attributes (EmployeeID, Name, Designation and Location).


JSON Request and Response


In order to read JSON in groovy we need to import JsonSlurper which has inbuilt method ParseText which helps in parsing JSON content.

*** Groovy Code Below *** :

import groovy.json. JsonSlurper

def slurper = new JsonSlurper()

 def request = context.expand( ‘${RequestName#Request}’ )

def response = context.expand( ‘${RequestName#Response}’ )

 **** Reading the different attributes of Request ****

def jsonReq = slurper.parseText(request) jsonReq. EmployeeID jsonReq. Department

 **** Reading the different attributes of Response ****

def jsonRes = slurper.parseText(response) jsonRes. EmployeeID jsonRes. Name jsonRes. Designation jsonRes. Location


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