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OneTestSolution is a privately owned 50% charitable organization which provides world class educational services in the field of software testing. Our mission is to make focused and knowledgeable professionals who can develop test to break attitude and help the business to deliver quality products

OTS offers innovative competence development programs for best practices in Software Testing to support the educational needs of testing professionals. With expertise in key categories including Automation Testing, Test Case Management including Build Automation, Build/Derive the correct Test Strategy, TDD, BDD and many more, OTS provides guidance on testing frameworks and integrated solutions.

  • We intend to remain the trusted supplier of innovative training and knowledge solutions that enable establishment or an individual to become best in class Testing Expert.
  • We are developing Software Testing professionals from novice to experts in their chosen domain
  • We @ OTS are passionate technology professionals with an aim to provide training, Solution & Services in a limitless Software testing industry. We are committed towards highest quality talent generation.

Why Choose Us for Your Software Testing Training?

OTS specializes in providing testing training courses for companies and individuals to assist in taking their careers/business to the next level. We provide high quality training and our trainers are expert & experienced industry professionals. We just not only talk about the testing artifacts but also we ensure an individual to drive their testing engagment END to END by implementing the testing best practices. Our only objective is to ensure your testing needs are met which helps you to excel in your career path

Social Responsibility

We are committed to contribute 50% of our profit as a charity to educational services.